NBA Playoffs


After a very close and competitive first round of NBA playoff games across the league, the second round came as a disappointment with one sweep by the Cavs and three other 5 game series from the Warriors, Rockets, and Celtics. So going into the third round of the Conference finals the matchups are what everyone expected from day one of the season: Warriors-Rockets in the West and Celtics- Cavs in the East. Game 1 of the eastern conference finals was Sunday, May 13th and the Celtics beat the Cavs by 25 points 108-83. The Celtics had 4 players above 15 points in game 1. Game 2 was on Tuesday, May 15th and the Celtics also won this game, they by 13 points 107-94. The other series is the Conference Finals for the West the Rockets and Warriors the Rockets are trying to snap the Warriors streak of reaching 3 consecutive NBA finals and winning two out of three. Game 1 was on May 14th and the Warriors beat the Rockets by 14 points. The conference finals have been very interesting so far and that should continue through the finals.


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